Okay.  Here we go again.  We know you’ve heard all of this from us before, but this time we really mean it.  Seriously.

Anthony took another shot at remastering our two latest releases last night! Our previous attempts at remastering those two releases this summer yielded some definite improvements in audio quality, but we weren’t completely satisfied because they still sounded a bit too quiet and small in comparison to our first three releases.  We think we’ve solved that problem once and for all with this latest attempt.

The newly remastered versions of our As We Watch the Years Go… album from 2016 and our One Day You’ll Look Back EP from 2017 are available on Bandcamp now! You can even name your own price for each download!  Please don’t feel bad if you decide to type $0 into the price box so that you can download for free — especially if this is your second or third time downloading this music. We just want you to have the highest quality and most up-to-date files possible. We hope you’ll agree that these songs have never sounded better!


For now, these remastered versions are only available on Bandcamp. We will update iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., in the near future.

Thanks for being patient with us!  Please let us know what you think!




It has been so cool to see how many people have been listening to In Due Time lately. Thanks for giving our EP such a great tenth anniversary this month!

If you still haven’t had a chance to download and/or stream our In Due Time EP, here is a link:

Thanks again to Powerpopaholic for encouraging their readers to check out the EP.

Thanks to Franklee Speaking on 93.3 CFMU for playing “Until the Next Girl Comes Along.” Looking through past playlists, we noticed that they’ve also played “I’m Happier Now” and “You Lost Interest First” on the show, so we would like to send a big belated thanks for that as well!

Thanks to the Music Authority for playing “Friends Like Me.”


Before we go, here is a video of us recording “Basement” back on February 8, 2008:


We hope all is well and that you are having a really nice summer so far!



Thanks to Aaron from Powerpopaholic for telling his readers to check out our In Due Time EP. In case you missed it, that EP turned ten a few days ago! Also, doesn’t “a casual rock band from Cleveland, Ohio” describe us pretty well? Here is a link:


Our last show happened one year ago tonight at the Beachland Tavern. It was Frank Mirabelli’s first and only show as our drummer. We wish this lineup could’ve had a chance to play for more people, but it is what it is.

Anyway, here is a video playlist of our set from that night: