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We would like to take a moment to thank Jeff Archuleta from Eclectic Music Lover and Aaron Kupferberg from Powerpopaholic for sharing Sampler (2007-2017) with their readers yesterday!

Eclectic Music Lover posted this on Facebook:

Do yourself a favor and give a listen to this great compilation album Sampler (2007-2017) by Cleveland, Ohio band You’re Among Friends. It’s sort of a greatest hits album, though they have lots more music up their sleeves!

Powerpopaholic included it on their Weekend Freebies list:

Cleveland, Ohio band You’re Among Friends has a good sampler here. Name-your-price download.

SAMPLER (2007-2017)

We are proud to announce the release of Sampler (2007-2017).

This new compilation album features a dozen standout tracks from our back catalog.  Not only does this provide a perfect starting point for new listeners who want to get their first taste of our music, but long-time listeners may also enjoy hearing the way this carefully curated playlist flows.

The idea for this project first popped up while we were remastering all five of our releases this past spring. Deciding which tracks to include in this compilation and which to leave out was a tough task, but we are confident that even our biggest fans will agree that the final result is a concise overview of our output so far. We ended up including songs from each of our releases (one song from our self-titled debut album, two songs from our In Due Time EP, both songs from our Enjoy Life & Half a Thought single, four songs from our As We Watch the Years Go… album, and three songs from our One Day You’ll Look Back EP).

If you dig these twelve songs, we would like to encourage you to continue your explorations into our music. There are plenty of other songs worth hearing throughout our five releases.

We hope to make some more new music for you soon!

You can name your own price to download Sampler (2007-2017) at

This collection will also be made available through most other digital music platforms in the near future.


Newly remastered versions of all five of our releases are available now! These recordings are sounding better than ever, so you’ll definitely want to update your collection!

At the moment, Bandcamp is the only place to get these remastered releases. There is a “name your price” option, so please don’t feel like you need to pay again if you are downloading this music for the second time (typing “0” into the price box will give you a free download).

These remastered releases will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc., in the near future.


It has been so cool to see how many people have been listening to In Due Time lately. Thanks for giving that EP such a great tenth anniversary this month!

If you still haven’t had a chance to download and/or stream In Due Time, here is a link:

Thanks again to Powerpopaholic for encouraging their readers to check out In Due Time.

Thanks to Franklee Speaking on 93.3 CFMU for playing “Until the Next Girl Comes Along.” Looking through past playlists, we noticed that they’ve also played “I’m Happier Now” and “You Lost Interest First” on the show, so we would like to send a big belated thanks for that as well!

Thanks to the Music Authority for playing “Friends Like Me.”

Before we go, here is a video of us recording “Basement” back on February 8, 2008:

We hope all is well and that you are having a really nice summer so far!


Thanks to Aaron from Powerpopaholic for telling his readers to check out our In Due Time EP. In case you missed it, that EP turned ten a few days ago! Also, doesn’t “a casual rock band from Cleveland, Ohio” describe us pretty well? Here is a link: